by Peter DiAntoni

photographs by lab414: Peter DiAntoni, Darren Hauck, Jeffrey Phelps, Dave Schlabowske

supported by
The Wisconsin Bike Fed The Wisconsin Bike Fed
Heroes of the 2013 USA cycling cyclocross nationals
2013 was the second part of a two year bid for the U.S. Cyclocross Nationals held in Verona Wisconsin. COG covered the 2012 event on a solo mission. The first year was seasonably uneventful, with clear skies and little to no precipitation. What Mother Nature held back in 2012, she unleashed with a fury in 2013. The racers participating in the events held over the days of January 9-13 of 2013 experienced the true wrath of what a Wisconsin winter can deliver.
above and top: Geeking out on a press check for one of seventeen press forms that ultimately make up the 108 pages of the case-bound photo book, ENDURE.

A couple weeks prior to the races, Wisconsin Bike Fed Communications Director, Dave Schlabowske contacted a couple photographer friends of his along with myself, in the hopes of shooting the races as a team, to possibly combine the collective photographs within a high quality photobook. Jeff, Darren, Dave and myself were quite keen on the idea and all took to the course with a vast variety of lenses, camera bodies, a bit of film and some warm boots.

What happened next, were the days most cyclocrossers can only dream about...

True to the saying; “Ninety percent of success is just showing up,” photographing on the course within those chaotic conditions yeilded some of the most dramatic cyclocross photographs to date over a single event.

As everyone involved with this project all have many commitments in their lives, after viewing the collection of images, we all realized what we had, was worth the effort to see through to completion.

Dave enlisted long time friend and prolific cycling writer, Gary Boulanger to enhance the photographs and experience of the book with selected interviews, quotes and writings. Over the next several months, the group, now known as lab414, went through an exhaustive photo editing process and began to design the book, aptly named ENDURE.

Several more months later, with editing finalized and the book layout complete, the files were sent off to a world-class Milwaukee area printer to begin production. As any print geek knows, standing on the delivery end of an eight unit 40” lithography press watching your creation come to life, is quite a rare thrill to experience these days in a world filled with on-demand laser publishing and app-ifed digital editions.

The lab414 creative syndicate of Tifosi is proud to announce the official release of ENDURE...