photographs by Peter DiAntoni

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NEW55 Film NEW55 Film
// Polaroid Type 55 film
Back in 2004 I was working part-time for Breakaway Bicycle Courier in Milwaukee WI. I remember the impetus toward photographing my co-workers being some sort of messenger art show. I also remember wanting to photograph them using Polaroid Type 55 film with my Crown Graphic 4x5 camera. For those not familiar, Type 55 was quite special as it yielded both an instant black and white positive print AND a highly usable negative suitable for traditional darkroom printing or high-resolution scanning.
A small stash of expired
Polaroid Type 55 film.

New55 Film The reason for this feature is to show a bit of the process behind working with the long gone Polaroid Type 55 film and to gain awareness and support for the NEW55 Film Kickstarter project.

I’ve been following the development of NEW55 Film ever since inventor, Bob Crowley’s first blog posts back in January of 2010. Upon discovering this news, I searched out Crowley’s phone number and gave him a call to express my excitement, and to possibly obtain a piece of this new film. There was no film available, but my conversation with Crowley left a profound impact on me, providing an ever more optimistic view toward the lifespan of analog/silver halide photography. It was also during this conversation that Crowley introduced me to the term “Analog Backlash,” a response to the screenification of all things tangible – real things you hold in your hand – books, magazines, photographic prints...the list goes on.

There’s only a short time left to make NEW55 Film a reality. I’m one of the 1000+ hopefuls that have pledged what I can to make this happen. The experience of pulling apart a piece of Type 55 large-format instant sheet film, seeing the rich tones and lovely and random edge effects are nothing short of magic. I can only imagine the wonderful possibilities of NEW55 and how it will bring this magical medium into the future.