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Numerology explained

Know More About Your Life And Your Purpose Through Numerology!

Do you want to know more about your personality? Do you believe that numbers are more than just tools for counting? You’ve probably heard of Numerology before and thought of mathematics.

However, Numerology is more than math. It is all about finding out more about your personality and even your purpose in life.

Ancient philosophers and mathematicians like Pythagoras already believed about the power of numbers in a person’s life. However, there are also a group of individuals like the ancient Maya who treated numbers sacredly. Numbers were part of the Maya’s everyday lives.

How Does It Work?

If you want to use Numerology, just reduce the numbers of your date of birth into single digits. Numerology tendencies have numbers from 1 to 9. The single number that you’ll get from your birth date will reveal personalities that fall on each tendency. If you want to explain more about yourself, using your name together with your birth date numbers will give you clearer answers.

Remember how you always loved or hated your name? Numerology will show you that there are no accidents in this world. Your name has power and meaning that you ought to know to be able to understand your purpose. After reading about numerology, you’ll be able to make wiser decisions according to your purpose in life. However, it is impossible to know whether this occult art is correct for everyone.

Meaning Of Numerology Numbers

Here are some numerology numbers that will give you an idea of what it can interpret for you.


People who are ambitious, creative, and love the spotlight belong to this number. They are the ones who are not afraid of leading other people. Often, such people are also very organized and get at the top of whatever they want to become. And just like most of the time, these successful and go-getter people are often alone. They can be too aggressive which may prevent them from having friends who can understand them.


Individuals who belong to this group are very hopeful. They love pleasure and try to live harmoniously with everyone. Threes like to encourage people who are slowly losing hope and giving in to the darkness. If you are a three, you prevent negativity from getting the best of you and just carry on with your positive life.


If you are an adventurous type, then you’re probably a five. These people love challenges, and they are restless. The excitement keeps them going, and that makes them even more fun to be with every day. These people also have a great sense of humor and handle changes, even surprising ones, really well unlike most people.


Nines are high achievers and deep thinkers who are not afraid to experience new things. They are broad visionaries, but they wouldn’t flaunt their achievements. Those who belong to this group are open to traveling to other places and even marrying a foreigner.

Numerology is an occult art that started way back to the times of Pythagoras. The mystery and the magic of numbers make people believe that there must be something that we don’t know about life and the Earth that we live in today. And those who are looking for the answers to such questions might find them through Numerology.

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