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Silicone Breast Implants Surgery Cost in India

From your face to your thighs everything can turn your body in shape with plastic surgery.

Millions of women are currently going through Silicone breast implants surgery every year. In actual, this is a cosmetic surgery done by women who wishes to turn their breast size larger.

Also, breast implantation changes the shape and size of your breast according to how you prefer. Breast implantation also called breast enlargement, it is a surgery to reconstruct the shape of your breast without lose weight. Even in India, implantation is going popular in wide range. Know the silicone Breast implants surgery cost in India.

Most women who opt for silicone breast implants are those who are not satisfied with their breast size. Also, women who have some defects in their breast after pregnancy and want to get a beautiful shape of breast usually opt for this surgery. Today in India Silicone breast implants surgery are increasing in number. For more details about silicone breast implants surgery cost in India read our guide thoroughly.

Silicone Breast Implantation:

To know how exactly women enlarge their breast is mostly through Protese de Silicone or Silicone breast surgery. There are also other types of implantation of breast but we will mainly focus on the Silicon breast implantation. Since 1990’s silicone breast surgery have been done by experienced surgeons for satisfying women’s desire.

Actually this method is equipped with Silicone gel and this gel looks quite natural tissue. But, the method seem risky than the saline based surgery. For example, if the gel gets leaked then you may need to go for the surgery again. So, if you opt for this surgery then visit your Surgeon regularly as you may need to go through some test or MRI. But you should make sure that you are above 22 years to complete the surgery successfully.

Precautions Needed for Silicone Breast Implantation:

Some women go for breast implant because they have a risk of cancer and they remove their breast. And some had already operated their breast for some sickness and then they want to implant it again.

As a result, certain precautions must be taken before the surgery like one must be physically and emotionally fit. It is being suggested by many surgeons that smoking before and after surgery must also be prohibited. Eating habits should be taken care properly and much more. Also, you should take a proper rest when necessary. Lastly, you must consult an experience surgeon to overcome many drawbacks.

Procedure of Silicone Breast Surgery:

It is being suggested that for going cosmetic Silicone breast surgery, women need to attain the age of at least 22 years of age. Surgery would take place for 2-3 hours depending your situation. However, you may also need to stay overnight in a hospital as you will be injected with general anaesthesia for pain free surgery.

Depending on the enlargement of your breast, your Surgeon will start the incision process from around the nipples, or under your breast. And finally when the surgery is completed surgical tapes will be fitted to your breast.

Silicone Breast Implants Cost in India:

Silicone Breast surgery usually cost depending on the types of surgery or city to city location. Approximately, the cost of surgery in India starts from Rs 30,000 ranging up to 1 Lakh. But you must also know that this is a cosmetic surgery, so health insurance is not included.

Silicone Breast Implantation Recovery:

After the surgery, it may take few months to get healed properly. As well, you may also need to purchase and wear a surgical bra. For instance, it is recommended to take a complete rest after breast implantation. No heavy weight lifting is done; instead eat properly along with sound sleep.

Also, ask full details about your health to your Surgeon and ask him when you shall visit again for the next treatment. Side effects will be there a little but that can be handled with proper medications.

You need to avoid any travel plans you might have even if your travel planner suggests you the least stressful travels. Swelling as well as scars will be healed slowly. Remember that silicone breast implants is risky when leakage starts as you may need to get replaced or removed them. This is the reason you need to take proper care.

So, having silicone breast implants surgery may be quite difficult to go for Mamogram. However, you can go for X-rays frequently. If proper care is not done then you may even get breast cancer, but that is just a rough idea. Normally care is all you need.

Today, the Silicone breast implants surgery cost is going higher. So, plan soon and talk to experience surgeon if you wish to go for the treatment.

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