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Some Doctor Approved Diets

There are a number of doctor approved diets which have helped people shed off extra weight in a short span of time. Most of the recommended diets comprises of vegetables, lean protein from fish and chicken.

There are those who resort to calorie controlled meals and who are able to achieve the desired results. Measuring out the portions is one of the methods that guarantee you the best results in the shortest time possible. There are a number of diets you can use which can enable you to loose weight in a short span of time. The diets include the following:

Alo diet

This diet was designed after it was realized that reducing refined and processed carbohydrates is one of the methods one can use to lose substantial amount of weight. The diet also considers the fact that reducing the amount of saturated fats intake is key to achieving the best results. This does not in any way suggest that one should eliminate fats completely. Refined carbohydrates are known to be the major cause of excess weight gain and obesity.

They are insulin resistance and lead to a number of heart diseases including hypertension and numerous heart diseases. This diet recommends that one should eat lean meat, fish, low carbohydrates vegetables and fruits such as berries. It further recommends that beneficial fats are important if one has to carry out his daily tasks as required. Consequently, the Alo diet recommends the following foods;


Berries contain a lot of fibers which are key to your weight loss endeavors. Fibers will keep you feel satisfied throughout and are excellent sources of nutrients. One should have at least a cup of raspberries which contains at least 3.5 grams of fibers everyday.


Turkey meat is known for its low calories as compared to any other animal protein. The meat contains acid leucine required to preserve the muscle mass while at the same time sustain the metabolism rate. It also ensures that you are fully satiated thus reduces chances of overeating

Enova oil

Enova oil comes from canola oil and soy. It mainly consists of diglyceride which metabolizes fast and helps one to lose weight as fast as possible.


The diet consists of at least 500 calories of peanut to at least three weeks. Peanut has satiating power and reduces the rate at which we eat other type of foods and by extension reduces the amount of calories consumed per day.

Soup diet

One of the ways via which you can lose weight is resorting to a soup diet.

The type of soup you take is of great importance here. There are soup diets such as the cabbage soup which can help you lose weight fast. Other soup diets such as Campbell soup will also help you shed off excess weight. However, one has to control the portion of low fat and low sodium soups that he takes. The only disadvantage with this type of diets is that they have to be taken for a very long period of time.

The Campbell Soup diet

Eating the Campbell soup helps you reduce the sodium intake by more than 50%. The soup can be taken for supper as long as you remember to eat a heavy breakfast consisting of pancakes and cereal fruit and also stick to the recommended servings. For this plan to succeed it is important that you reduce eating high fat condiments such as mayonnaise salad. If you have to eat it, it is important that you eat the low fat or non fat version.

You will also be able to achieve the best results if you cut down on the sugar drinks that you take every day. It is advisable to drink hot and cold tea and water or diet sodas.

Weight loss plan for vegetarians

This diet is strictly for vegetarians. Breakfast consists of poached egg and tomato which have approximately 195 calories. The details are 1 poached egg, a slice of whole meal toast containing low fat and tomatoes that are well spread. If this breakfast does not make you satiated, you have an option of eating a cream cheese and a tomato bagel. All that is required is 1 toasted bagel with at least two tbsp of cheese low in fat and a tomato.

Alternatively, you can eat shredded wheat or a banana which has about 255 calories. One also requires shredded wheat, 1 small banana and skimmed milk. If you choose to have bran flakes and fruit, it is advisable that you don’t exceed 255 calories. If you think this is the best option for you, 4 table spoonfuls of bran flakes, 1 small banana, 1 table spoon of raisins and skimmed milk could be the best option.

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