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Fasting for weight loss: Facts about starving regime

A slim and graceful figure is a dream for not only every woman, but many men also prefers to maintain a constant figure by being slim & fit, and for this they are not against getting rid of some extra kilos of body weight.

In an effort to lose weight as quickly as possible, the women are ready to make any sacrifice. While losing weight, instead of limiting themselves in some food products, people start starving or go for complete rejection of food. How is the feeling and disappointment, when instead of a perfect slim figure, they find out that, they have gained more weight.

Why fasting to lose weight does not always help, it’s because, some fashion magazines & literature claim that, fasting for weight loss is the most useful and correct method. This is medically not recommended.

Fasting according to doctors

For doctors and dieticians fasting is an alternative method of treatment of ailments. Such as:

• For cardio- vascular system.
• Diseases of digestive system
• For liver ailments
• And inflammations of mucous membranes.

On fasting as a special way to lose weight (fasting as weight loss) most experts look sceptically.

1. Fasting can be helpful for persons with modest appetite, whereas in obese, the situation can worsen.

2. Absence of not receiving necessary nutrients causes stress and has a negative impact on body. It also hinders the work function of internal organs and digestive system.

Deprived of the usual food, the organism is forced to withdraw energy from its internal resources. The main energy source is glycogen, which in excess is accumulated in liver cells, muscles and sub-cutaneous fat. Starvation causes the body to consume its own reserves. The first to get consumed are carbohydrates, as they are the most accessible nutrient.

Later glucose gets consumed, which is enough for 16 hours, as their reserve in the body is limited. Most organs manage by glycogen reserve, but some cannot function normally without glucose, e.g. the nervous system, the red blood cells, and the adrenal cortex. Some glucose can be extracted by the breakdown of fat, but this is enough for a short time period. Then begins extraction of glucose from amino acids, which means destruction of the most valuable nutrient i.e. proteins. The main amount of proteins is found in skeletal muscles, but for immediate need of glucose, other tissues and organs are also affected.

This does not mean that fasting for weight loss is unacceptable. In each case, there should be moderate, separate and competent approach.

The rules of fasting for weight loss

For most of the people fasting for weight loss means starving or rejection of food. One should not get confused by the concepts as;

• Fasting therapy
• Diet
• Induced refusal of food
• Apastia

Our human organism gives (indicates) us the correct tip, only we have to use it properly. The first feeling of hunger starts during the period of recuperation.

On this principle methods for fasting to lose weight are based.

1. The duration of fasting period (starving) should not exceed more than 3 days. During this time the body uses up the stocks of carbohydrates and fats, but does not have time to destroy the tissues containing protein. It is better to start from one fasting day, and repeat it once a week. This helps the body to regain the loss and produces health benefits.

2. Smooth rejection of food. You should not stop to eat on the particular day, but the body is required to be prepared for fasting.

For this, before the scheduled day, you have to exclude some products from your diet, such as;

• Meat
• Legumes
• Fish
• Nuts
• Alcohol
• Poultry products
• Fried & fatty dishes.

3. Psychological factor is also very important. Person fasting should not be under stress or depression. The mood should be pleasant and nice. Then the brain will not produce stress hormones and not send hunger signals.

4. Restoring to normal regime should take as much time as needed for fasting. You should start with diluted non- acidic juices, vegetables and low-fermented milk products.

Advantages and disadvantages of fasting

By correctly applying the methods of fasting one can easily get rid of excess body fat, stabilize the metabolism, and improve the functional activities of pancreas and liver.

On disintegration of adipose tissue, acetone is formed, which happens to be a strong antiseptic. Isolation of this helps in self-treatment of chronic infectious diseases of genitourinary, digestive and respiratory systems.

Under any circumstances, one should not start starving on their own. Doctor or a dietician should always be consulted, because there can be adverse effect of fasting. In addition to advantages there are some side effects of fasting.

1. The loss of body protein reserve, can lead to serious consequences.
2. Intoxication of the organism due to breakdown of acetone bodies.
3. After fasting the concentration of hormones are reduced.
4. Conditions like dizziness, fainting, and muscular cramps may appear.


Besides the aforesaid conditions, fasting is not recommended in conditions as;

• Blood disorders
• Type1 diabetes
• Hyperthyroidism
• Cardio-vascular disorders
• Conditions of myocardial infarction
• Hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver
• All types of renal failure
• Thrombophlebitis

Daily fasting can be observed by any healthy person. By fasting one can easily control the amount of calories intake and reduce accumulation of toxins in the body, but fasting for weight loss should always be done under the supervision of a medical specialist.

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