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How to get the best sun exposure

Remember the sun is more and more aggressive and our skin more and more fragile, especially as we are aging.

However, skin and sun can and should go hand in hand, provided that the appropriate precautions are taken.

Exposure to the sun is beneficial

And for good reason, as the sun is one of our main sources of vitamin D. Under the action of UV rays, part of our cholesterol is transformed into vitamin D, of which we know the bone mineralizing action. It is also essential in the processes of immunity or in terms of muscle performance.

The FDA has published a summary table showing the exposure time required according to the seasons and hours of the day to gain 600IU of vitamin D.

And as recent studies have shown, our vitamin D levels should stay at least 1000IU. The sun can therefore help us cover 60% of our needs. It must be made an ally.

In addition, the sun is very good for our morale. The luminosity being more important when the sun is intense and that days are long, as our circadian rhythms are better synchronized and our phusical condition follows.

But you need to apply some precautions

Prepare your skin before going under the sun

The intake of micronutrient foods and supplements rich in antioxidants is the best preparation for the skin. Products have been developed specifically, such as Astaxanthin Algorigin.

Limit your exposure time and choose your exposure hours

A sunburn quickly happens even when you are covered. And, at noon in June and July, half an hour may be enough for a fair skin to develop an erythema.

We therefore always prefer an exposure before 12 noon and after 4 pm when the sun is less intense.

Use effective sun protection

A high index corresponds to a longer sunburn onset time.

In the laboratory, under ideal application conditions, an index of 30 may suffice for dull skin in summer. However, ideal conditions are difficult to reproduce: 2 mg per 2 cm2 of skin … or 1/4 of the tube on the whole body on average with each application.

This is why it is often advisable to favor a very high index, renewed regularly (every hour and after each swim) throughout the day, regardless of the skin type.

Act effectively if it’s too late

When the sunburn is there, we can opt for soothing creams or gels based on aloe vera which are highly concentrated.

We can also act from the inside by stimulating cell repair mediated by HSP (Heat shock proteins), proteins for immediate tissue repair, with Protechoc capsules, containing an extract of Porphyra umbilicalis, an alga naturally rich in HSP.

Prevent a rebound effect of acne

Our teens love summer, their pimples dry and their skin looks clearer. However, the sun’s rays cause the skin to thicken. The pilosebaceous follicles become blocked and prevent the evacuation of sebum, promoting the formation of infected blackheads and pimples.

And this promotes a more beautiful return of blackheads at the start of the school year.

This is why the fight against acne must still continue in summer. Phytodermatological solutions compatible with sun exposure exist, think about asking your pharmacist.


Drinking a lot is all the more important when you are in the sun.

And, every night, it’s important to apply a moisturizer to the body and another non-comedogenic to the face. The ideal is to choose a cream rich in active healing or antioxidant ingredients.

Body milk and aloe vera face cream or a face cream formulated with pomegranate extracts are great choices.

We can also turn to creams made from olive oil highly concentrated in antioxidant polyphenols.

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